Tecnopool references



The brands that have chosen us are the best acknowledgement to our work: We thank them and continue to evolve with them.


Wherever there are great brands, you're sure to find Tecnopool technology. The most important manufacturing companies of the food industry, the most established and recognizable, have entrusted themselves to our plants. To all of them we have guaranteed reliability, flexibility,efficiency and thirty years of history always hand-in-hand with excellence.

Deep Freezing

+ Freezing


Grupo Almar Srl (Croissants) – Argentina
Fgf Brands (Dough Ball) – Canada
Storcan - Leahy (Fruit Pouches) – Canada
Bredenmaster (Bread, Hallulas, Marraquetas) – Chile
Campo Lindo (Marraquetas) – Chile
Latin American Foods Sa (Cakes, Marraquetas, Hallulas, Baguette, Pizza) – Chile
Montserrat (Bread) – Chile
Walmart (Empanada, Hallulas, Marraqueta, Pizza, Sponge Cake) – Chile
Nrc (Empanada) – Colombia
Bimbo El Globo (Cakes) – Mexico
Dawn Foods (Donuts) – Mexico
Hazpan Sa De Cv (Bimbo) (Pastry) – Mexico

Pagnifique (Pastry) – Uruguay
Banneton Bakery Inc. (Croissants) – USA
Gregory's Foods Inc. (Bread) – USA
Imad - Al Forno Factory (Bread) – USA
Lamonica's Pizza Dough (Pizza) – USA
Mayekawa (Pastry) – USA
Muller International Inc. (Cakes) – USA
Orange Bakery (Pastry) – USA
Porto's Bakery (Pastry) – USA
Rana Meal Solutions Llc (Ready Meals, Sauce Bags) – USA
Wenner Bread Products (Bread) – USA



+ Air Forced Cooling


Mondelez Argentina Sa (Biscuits) –Argentina
Grupo Almar Srl (Pizza) –Argentina
Siena Industria & Co. (Dough Ball) –Brazil
Bredenmaster (Bread, Hamburger, Hot Dog) –Chile
Latin American Foods Sa (Sponge Cake) – Chile

Walmart (Cakes, Hallulas, Marraquetas) –Chile
Universidad Peruana (Bread) –Peru
5 Star (Bagged Chili) –USA
Lady Walton (Pastry) –USA

+ Ambient Cooling


La Cumbre (Cakes) – Argentina
Boulangerie Au Pain Dorè (Bread) – Canada
Fgf Brands (Bread, Dough Ball) – Canada
Le Petit Bretonne (Croissants) – Canada
Wellbake Equipment Inc. (Chocolate) – Canada
Weston Bakeries Limited (Bread, Hams, Hots Roll) – Canada
Adriatica (Tomato ) - Chile
Bimbo Ideal Sa (Tortillas) – Chile
Bredenmaster (Hallullas, Marraquetas) – Chile
Castano (Panettoni) – Chile
Latin American Foods Sa (Bread, Marraquetas, Hallulas, Pizza) – Chile
Pulmahue Ltda (Bread, Hamburger) – Chile
Walmart (Empanada, Hallulas, Marraqueta, Pizza, Sponge Cake) – Chile
Bimbo De Colombia Sa (Bread, Muffins) – Colombia

Tiosa Sa - Bimbo (Bread) – Ecuador
Hazpan Sa De Cv (Bimbo) (Pastry) – Mexico
Industrias Ble (Sponge Cake) – Mexico
Nestlè Messico (Wafers) – Mexico
Compagnia Nacional De Chocolates (Biscuits, Galleta) – Peru
Daxery Sa (Biscuits) – Uruguay
Pagnifique (Pastry) – Uruguay
Elmubas Iberica Sl (Bread) – USA
Fazio's Bakery (Bread) – USA
Imad - Al Forno Factory (Bread) – USA
Kings Hawaiian Bakery (Bread, Dinner Rolls) – USA
Pioneer Food (Waffels) – USA
Pro Bake Inc. (Pastry) – USA
Wenner Bread Products (Bread) – USA


Product handling

+ Conveying


Kuwait Flour Mills (Bread) – Kuwait
Perm (Bread) – Russia
Volgodonsk (Bread) – Russia

Herfy Food (Bread) – Saudi Arabia
Modern Bakery Dubai (Bread, Buns) – United Arab Emirates



+ Pasteurizing

Maitre Prunille Sas (Dried Plums) – France
Carl Muller Gmbh & Co. (Meat, Meat Patè) – Germany

(Tomato) – Chile

Soave Srl (Pasta) – Italy

(Ready Meals) – Japan



+ Proofing


Compania De Alimentos Fargo (Buns) – Argentina
Fgf Brands (Croissants, Dough Ball, Pitta Bread) – Canada
Weston Bakeries Limited (Hams, Hots Roll) – Canada
Hazpan Sa De Cv (Bimbo) (Pastry) – Mexico
Bimbo Sa (Pastry) – Mexico
Bimbo De Panama Sa (Bread) – Panama

Pagnifique (Pastry) – Uruguay
Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.
(Bread) – USA
Kings Hawaiian Bakery (Bread, Buns Dinner Rolls) – USA
Polar Bakery (Croissants) – USA
Banneton Bakery Inc. (Croissants) – USA
International Delights (Pastry) – USA


Bakery and Frying

+ Bakery and Frying

Pastificio Rana (Pasta)
Italy – Cabinet Heating

Elmubas Iberica Sl (Pet Food)
Spain – Fryer

Jowa Ag (Krapfen)
Switzerland – Fryer

Pagnifique (Pastry)
Uruguay – Heating

Patisca Sarl (Muffins)
France – Oven

Alpipan (Bread)
Italy – Oven

Orva Srl (Bread)
Italy – Oven

Karapira (Croissants)
Russia – Oven


Complete Line 

+ Complete Line

Bright Bakery (Buns, Toast)
Aruba – Complete line

Fernandes Bakkerij (Buns, Toast)
Suriname – Complete line

Gardenia Bakery (Puchong Plant) (Bread)
Malaysia – Complete line

Silver Bird (Bread, Buns)
Malaysia – Complete line



+ Other

Palmera (Tuna)
Italy – Defrosting

Adriatica (Vegetables)
Chile – Drying

Cepalor (Choux)
France – Drying

Nestlè Italiana (Perugina) (Chocolate)
Italy – Post Tempering

Kuwait Flour Mills (Buns)
Kuwait – Table Top